Greetings from Mexico City

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Exodus 39:37
"The pure candlestick, with the lamps thereof, even with the lamps to be set in order, and all the vessels thereof, and the oil for light"

We thank each of you for your prayers for the meeting last night. There were some concerns regarding the weather, as these meetings are being held within a bullring with very little covering. Thankfully, by God’s grace, the rain held off and the meeting went well. This is due to the prayers of many.
During this meeting, the Lord moved and there were some newly won hearts for Christ and rededications.

Today, the team will be together practicing the songs that the Lord has laid upon their hearts.

Tonight, there will be a youth service where Josiah will be speaking again. How important are the anointed words of the Most High, that are towards our youth.

Prayer Requests - For the youth meeting tonight
I am sure that most of you understand the direct attack that our youth are under. The enemy will do its villainous best to deceive them with thoughts of disobedience and rebellion. The father of lies will promise the world and entice many. That the Lord move tonight in a fresh, strong and convicting way upon these youth tonight.

After several weeks of speaking, the inevitable is commencing. Our two speakers, Josiah and Fidel, are beginning to suffer from sore throats. Unless someone has spoken frequently, it is easy to misunderstand the severity of this threat. Once the voice goes, it can take days for it to return. Please be in prayer, that the Lord restore fully and keep their voices.

A Greater Anointing - A personal request from the team: That the Lord pour forth a great anointing.
Without the anointing, there are only words. We need the oil in the lamp to be the fuel for the fire to burn. That the golden pipes in Heaven pour forth that precious golden oil (Zech. 4:12). That the Lord’s anointing fall in a way that it shall be seen, heard and felt as it encompasses the needy heart and brings a Spirit of conviction.

Lord bless you!

- The CCI Team