We're Coming Home!

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Psalms 36:5
"Thy mercy, O Lord, is in the heavens; and thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds."

Today marks the end of our mission in Ecuador. It is a bittersweet time, as we leave such a beautiful people and country. This is a country that has a diverse culture that is shaped by geographic borders. As we moved throughout, we experienced high winding mountain roads, to the beginning of the Amazonia's rainforest.
As varied and mysterious this country is, one thing is for certain, the Lord has a purpose for the people of Ecuador.

His outpouring has been abundantly generous and His moving magnificent. We have been continually humbled by the Lord's mercy, as He has moved through the team. Many lives have been changed and many more will continue to be changed.


This mission was privileged to have at least eighty non-Christians give their lives to Jesus Christ. They are no longer strangers, but brethren. No longer stumbling in darkness, but walking in the Light. There were also approximately 140 people that rededicateed their lives to Christ.
What mercy and grace divine!

Please be in prayer for the team, as we fly back home today. Our flight will be leaving Quito at approximately 3pm. There will be a layover in Panama and we will finally arrive in Virginia at approximately midnight. That each one arrive safely to their destination.

The team will have a short lived break and will be heading out to Mexico City on March 5th, for three weeks. This will be a challenging mission, as evangelizing is forbidden and speakers must be given permission by the government.
Please lift them up so that they rest and prepare for the continuing mission.

Again, we cannot thank you enough for the sacrifice that each of you have made. Giving your time and effort to pray and lift up these missions, has made all the difference in this work. You all are considered a crucial part of this team and we thank you. The Lord has seen your good works and has heard your petitions and surely, your reward in Heaven will be great.

Thank you for your continued effort in prayer!


The Campaign for Christ International Team