A Full Recap of the Ecuador 2019 Trip

Hi! Thanks for stopping in to see us! You’ve seen our site, read our mission and gotten to know our team a bit, so now it’s time to dig in and read about the incredible things God is doing through our team all around the world.

We’ve just arrived home from a three week long mission trip to Ecuador! We visited three cities, led 80 people to Christ, and treated 525 people at our medical clinics. Over the next three weeks we’re going to dive deeper into the struggles, triumphs and joys that our team had on this trip. We hope you’ll be encouraged about the power of prayer, the power of God and the incredible work God can do when He has willing vessels!

Week 2: Pelileo

Week 2 in Ecuador we spent in the city of Pelileo. We were encouraged by the response to the call of the Holy Spirit we saw in El Triunfo, and our faith strengthened in the power of prayer because of the difficulties that God had provided a way through. We thought that we had overcome the most intense opposition, but there was much more to come.

We were still staying in the city of Baños, but now we drove 30 minutes to the city of Pelileo to spend the next week ministering there. Something we don’t experience often here in the United States is witchcraft. It can seem like something from a time long ago, but in many parts of the world it is still common. This is the case in Pelileo. Some of our team tells us about how they felt the spiritual heaviness when they entered the city.

One team member said about Pelileo, “No matter where you go, every place is very different…Pelileo was a very hard place, just the atmosphere, the spiritual atmosphere, was challenging. We had a lot of opposition there…It was just a very hard place to be.”

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