Missoula, MT Mission

Mission Summary: Missoula, MT

We now have available a summary of CCI's Evangelistic Campaign and activities in Missoula, MT in August. Enjoy and God bless!

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Our Mission

Our mission

Campaign for Christ International (CCI) is a non-profit organization. Our mission at Campaign for Christ International is threefold - PREACH the gospel. HELP the sick. PRAISE God. PREACHING THE GOSPEL - We boldly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world, through preaching in tents, auditoriums and in the street. HELPING THE SICK - As a ministry, we have been blessed to have a full time medical doctor on staff. Dr. Fidel Reyes, M.D., sees hundreds of patients every campaign without any cost to them. These medical missions not only help people with their physical needs, but also open hearts to the gospel. PRAISING THE LORD - Our goal is to worship God in Spirit and in truth, not to entertain. We have often asked ourselves, "If Jesus was sitting on the front row, how would we worship?". Our goal is to focus and glorify him in song and in all that we do.

Our Latest Trip

Our Latest Trip

Our last trip was a three-week long outreach in the country of Ecuador. We had the opportunity of holding many medical clinics, evangelistic tent meetings, and sharing the gospel. We saw over 80 people be born again and about 120 Christians rededicated their life to the Lord. There was amazing fruit! Read a full recap of our trip on our blog and check out some of our favorite photos below!

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Our Next Destinations

Our Next Destinations

December 6-7 and 20-21, 2019

Winchester, VA

March 2020

Guatemala City and Antigua

April 2020

Las Vegas, NV


San Antonio, TX

May 2020

Monterrey, MX



"Praise the Lord! Many people received love, aid, and also the message. The post-campaign work has not been an easy task. Wednesday after the campaign ended, there were ten new people at the service. Others come random days to obtain information on the church services. We have already contacted all the persons that gave us their contact information. Approximately 30 of them are willing to have Bible study courses. We visited ten this week. We miss you all, you left something beautiful in this place."

"We have many people that were in the campaigns visit the church. One lady with an autistic child is now attending with all her children, and also three more people. There is another lady also with her children and one lady by herself that already wants to be baptized. We have visited many persons that gave us their contact information and they are very open. We believe the harvest has not ended yet. Same in Actopan, there have been many visitors. We are planning on doing a medical clinic six months after the campaign to not lose contact with the people preparing the way for you all, hoping you can return in three years, Lord willing. Thank you very much again, for pouring your lives for this needy country. Our regards to Brother Josiah and all the team. The dust has not yet settled of the tread of CCI through these lands. "

"Beloved brother, God bless you. We remember you all dearly and cherish every experience that God allowed us to live with each and everyone of you. Speaking of the fruit after the campaign, thank the Lord there is. People have started to come to the Pelileo church as fruit of the campaign. There are eight new members and 2 families have opened the doors of their homes and are SO hungry for the Lord. This also is a fruit of the campaign. We are very thankful and thank you all. May our God keep using you to rescue lost souls."

"We invited Josiah to share at our annual youth camp in Guatemala. His message was simple but deep; he captivated the audience by he himself being a youth on fire for the Lord. He challenged them to examine their lives and meditate on if they had REALLY been born again. God used him to bring many of them to a new understanding of their salvation and walk with the Lord."

"I met Josiah here in Guatemala; he came to preach to our annual youth camp and came to give training to our evangelism team. When I first heard him preach, my heart was inspired and filled with fire and joy! I could only say, as the old chorus says: “The Lord is moving in my generation.” Thank God that the Lord is lifting fiery preachers that will snatch souls from hell. Hallelujah!"

"Josiah Alway was a great blessing here in Botswanna. He is very interesting when it comes to talking about God. He uses interesting methods and he talks to anyone regardless of age, religion or gender. I used to be very choosy about who I talk to Jesus about, but Josiah would meet people where they are and plant the seed...he would talk to any heart interested in listening. Josiah taught me that at that time that they may not feel like they need God or feel ready for God but that it's all about planting the seed and waiting for God to do His work at His time. Josiah has [the] special presence of God, and is a great speaker!"

"Whether he's speaking on stage at a youth rally to hundreds or just talking to a few hungry teenagers at a county fair, Josiah's message and His longing that all would know God and be saved is clearly evident. I have learned so much from watching him witness and tell others about Christ and the Gospel. Through his messages, his own personal example, and the classes he has given on evangelism, I've been challenged and emboldened to seek out opportunities myself to also share the Good News."

Asael M. Campaign Coordinator for Iglesia Sion, Mexico
Eliazar and Doribel A. Pastors, Iglesia Leon de Judá, Mexico
Sixto M. Pastor, Iglesia Sunem, Ecuador
Wesley S. Head Pastor, Zacapa, Guatemala
Pablo R. Guatemala City, Guatemala
Thabang B. Botswanna, Africa
Annie L. Grace Tabernacle Church, Virginia


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